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     A collection of some of my work on the topic of human-animal relationship.

     I have made a number of works relating to this topic. I don't want to promote vegan/vegetarian, but simply calling for recognition on the fact that animals are not objects, they are individuals with souls. Sometimes in the modern society where life is abundant and materialistic, where we don't need to go out and hunt, where we don't need to face death directly, either the death of people or animal, we often neglect the souls in our surrounding and in ourselves. 

List of projects:

   -  Consumed Animal Documentation

   -  Power of Consume and Control

   -  Triptych on Human-Animal Relationship

   -  Meat boy

Friday Meal
Wednesday Meal
Monday Meal
Thursday Meal
Saturday Meal

Consumed Animal Documentation is a series of poster design. By illustrating an animal directly into a food made of it, the project aim to remind viewer of what we eat is not just objects, but comes from living beings with souls.


Made in 2019 by Xinli Li

The Power of Consume and Control

Power of Consume and Control

Made in 2020 by Xinli Li

Murder the Eatable
Torture the Useable
Abuse the Likeable

Triptych on Human-Animal Relationship: Murder the Eatable, Torture the Useable, Abuse the Likable

A direct depiction on the human-animal relationship, both through the visuals and through the titles. The triptych aim to present what's often unseen or unrealized in the unbalanced human-animal relationship. 

Made in 2020 by Xinli Li

Meat Boy Collectible

Meat Boy (click for detail)

Made in 2021 by Xinli Li

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