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Li Xin Li


Visual Artist


     I am an art practitioner based in NYC, born in China. Throughout my artistic practice, I believe in an idea of “you can not draw a cloud just because you see a cloud, you must feel the cloud.”

     In my practice, I always aim to illustrate feelings. The works I made have common imaginative, surrealistic, and energetic themes, while the approaches I take in my works vary from project to project. My main practices are drawing, printmaking, animation, and sculpting. My practice often reflects on topics of emotion, fantasies, and humanity.

     I see my works as gateways for me to communicate with others and with the world. I enjoy sharing my visions through my works, and I look forward to viewers' opinions on them. I like the artworks to just be themselves, to not carry any pressures, to speak with their own intention. I would like the viewers to decide for themselves what they want to see and what they want to feel.

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