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     My Head Fell/Days of Mental Disorder is a project inspired by symptoms and experience of different mental disorders. The project contains three ink drawings and ten character designs. All ink drawings are later used as assets to create 2D animations to better present the cohesiveness of the series. 

     My head fell is the first part of my thesis project. 3 pieces of Ink on paper drawing presenting the idea of the beginning of mentally falling down.

     Days of Mental Disorder is a series of 10 original character design which represents different mental problems/experiences, and developing them into animation.

     All 10 Characters are pen on paper Designs, translate into 2D animation with Aftereffect, with music produced by myself and my friend Yi Zhang (responsible for No.3,4,5)

     The walk cycle animation, titled as "March with Mental Illness" was selected for the Society of Illustration 2022 Student Scholarship Competition.

                  Did I Just Fall?                                      I Lost My Head                                               I Just Want to Rest

Character Design Walk Cycle

March with Mental Illness



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